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Before we get into the basics of natural bodybuilding, it is important that we mention the misleading supplement and medication programs that people are being led into on a daily basis. If someone is telling you that you can change your body without going to the gym, they’re not being real. They are lying to you. They’re not real if they tell you that you will gain those six-pack abs with supplements, pills, and “wonder” beverages.

Creatine is a popular supplement among bodybuilders. Whether or not the chemical should fall under the same category that includes steroids and similar banned substances, is a matter of dispute. The Olympics is the best venue for international sports competition. The International Olympic Committee forbids the use of any artificial, muscle-building substances among its athletes. Creatine is widely used by bodybuilders in international competitions. That’s probably why you don’t see bodybuilding as an Olympic competitive sport. Fact is, Creatine probably is a useless substance.

On a personal note, Creatine did no good to my appearance. I would feel masculine but there was no motivation to go to the gym. The fear of suffering from side effects was overwhelming. The fact that I did not have to go to the gym made me very worried. Additionally, I used to take glycemic carbohydrates. This form of carbohydrates is optimized for maximum release of energy.

The other main problem that dogged my efforts at getting six packs was inability to reduce the number of calories that were getting into my body.

After three years, it dawned on me that by cutting back 500 calories from my diet each day, a pound of fat would disappear each week.

From this experience, I learnt a very crucial lesson in building six pack abs, which has something to do with core exercises and maintenance of the right diet. Whenever I wanted to abs exercises, crunches came into mind. After spending a whole night doing them, I was always unable to get the desired results even after continuing with the program for a whole month. All I ended up with were back pains.

Then I stumbled on cardio. Cardio proved to work wonders. I realized that cardio could stimulate all the five abdominal muscles that made the abs become revealed. It occurred to me that my problem wasn’t solely concerned with building my abs, my problem was that I wasn’t helping them to be more clearly defined. As long as there was a layer of fat in the abdominal region, it did not matter whether or not I had big abs; no one would notice them. Cardio was the key. Using cardio I was able to get rid of the fat that was camouflaging my abs.

Thankfully, I had become an experienced bodybuilder, strength exercises had become a major focus in my life. I included cardio with these exercises and together they became a part of my regular routine. I gave up trying to cheat my way to a six-pick. As time went by it became increasingly clear to me that for one to succeed in maintaining a six pack, there is need for a clear-cut diet and exercise program which is always being evaluated with the help of a clearly spelt-out checklist.

The best diet information that I got came from the old, precious truths that have always been pounded into our ears that they now appear less true. For instance, a simple balanced diet works wonders; essentially, it contains carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, mineral salts and water. As a bodybuilder, I had to make some adjustments to meet my specific needs. I had to take in more carbohydrates and water. I also had to eat less per meal but eat more time (at least 8 portions in a day).

Humans love fatty and sugary foods. In early times, these were very scarce in mankind’s diet. In today’s world, these foods are everywhere and present a big problem regarding diet regimens. You will have a lot of these foods in your diet, you love them, and now you must cut them back. And you can’t cheat. Fad diets are not good either, they too are cheating regimens that actually contain a lot of fat or cause your body to gain more fat. In their place came low-fat animal and plant proteins that I did not like very much. With time, however, I came to like the food since more training meant an increased appetite as the body kept demanding for more and more energy-giving foods.

In terms of turbulence training, my training daily schedule always started with a vigorous warm ups in the form of stretching and jogging exercises. Then I like to get into bench presses. My ego, my intensity, and my consistency grab me and I work hard to ensure that I do more reps each day – with the same weight-load, of course.

I realized that the heavier the weights the more the abs were being stimulated into protecting the back from being strained. This is how I always ensured that my body was not being rendered immobile.

I feel more in control of my body. I see that my physique looks good. My abs are an eye-catcher – clearly defined. My goal has been reached. Without the cheating that wouldn’t have worked anyway.

Today, I take pride in my appearance and this motivates me into going to the gym for 3 hours every afternoon between 4 p.m. And 7 p.m., as usual, Monday to Saturday. I take pride in my appearance. Everyone should. The way I look makes me want to stay this way. Motivation, due to my appearance and my wonderfully good health, keeps me going to the gym for three hours every afternoon, six days a week. And I don’t cheat. I have real pride in my appearance. The way I look makes me really want to stay as I am. My physical presence is a real motivator to get to the gym. I really like my daily workouts – three hours, every afternoon from four until seven. The workouts keep me and my body REAL. I take pride in my physique and appearance. My abs ripple. I know that I am being the best as I train and that’s a great motivator. I am so motivated that I look forward to spending my hours in the gym, from four until seven, everyday except Sunday. As I pass the mirrors in the gym, as I pass the other folks and see their admiring glances, I know that I am the best.